Security You Can Trust

Security & Service has always been the trademark of Corporate Couriers. While we pride ourselves on getting your shipments delivered on time, every time, we recognize the extreme importance of security. We provide our customers with peace of mind, through our advanced security features, every step of the way.

100% Uniformed Couriers & Bikers

All our drivers and bikers are 100% uniformed, equipped with a photo identification. Each courier is properly trained to ensure the security of your package, and each driver is instructed to lock any unoccupied vehicle. As part of our extensive safety protocols, all couriers are also required to procure a signature, printed name, and time stamp upon delivery.

Warehouse & Server Security

We take security very seriously onsite, too. All our servers, workstations and communication systems are protected against power outages, with generators in place to continue operations without any disruption. All customer data is thoroughly preserved and protected through impenetrable firewalls and off-site server backups. Our offices and warehouses are also equipped with comprehensive alarm systems, 24 hour surveillance and additional locked areas for high value storage items.

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