Technology Drives Us

At Corporate Couriers we pride ourselves on having the most advanced courier technology available.  Our customized courier specific software assures that our couriers and dispatchers are always connected.  Our system is fully integrated with GPS Tracking, Bar-Code Scanning, and Mobile Two-Way Voice and Data Units.

Bar-Code Scanning

Our customized bar-code scanning technology allows for time-stamping of pickup and deliveries.  This information ensures that your shipment was delivered within your specified time parameters.

Internet Ordering

Our web-based online order system provides customers with the ability to securely place orders online, identify pricing, trace their shipments and look up 'proof of delivery' information including the consignee name and time of delivery.  For your convenience, we also offer the ability for you to create, edit and print waybills.

E-Billing & Reporting

To help optimize your time and reduce the impact on the environment Corporate Couriers provides secure internet billing to clients.  Our online reporting tools allow you to manage your courier costs at your convenience.

Mobile Two-Way Voice and Data Units

All vehicle and bike couriers are equipped with 'Blackberry' two-way voice and data units to provide instant communication and real-time data to our Operations Team

GPS Tracking

Our fully integrated GPS Tracking System provides dispatch with the ability to locate your courier within seconds, making certain that the location of your shipment is never in doubt.

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