Social Responsibility

A Socially Responsible Courier (Climate Friendly)

social-logo-offsettersCorporate Couriers has taken several important steps toward increased environmental sustainability. We've partnered with Canada's leading carbon management solutions provider, Offsetters, to understand, reduce, track and offset our climate impact. We are working towards becoming a Climate Friendly company and we are pleased to announce that soon we will be able to offer our clients a Carbon Neutral delivery service.

Largest Fleet of Bike Couriers in Vancouver

Our fleet of bike couriers is the largest in the city, greatly reducing our carbon footprint making over 8,500 fuel-free deliveries per month.

Fuel Efficient Vehicles

We are upgrading our fleet to embrace more hybrid and fuel efficient vehicles (FEV). In addition we are continually examining the viability of scooters, electric powered vehicles and additional ways to reduce excess idling and driving.

On-Site Sustainability

At our facilities, we've employed numerous policies to reduce resource and energy waste. Our high-tech systems have allowed us to convert many transactions to paperless computer entries. We have also encouraged our customers to take advantage of e-billing and convenient digital confirmation systems available through our network. Additionally, we have reduced waste by instilling recycling initiatives, using eco-friendly products, and requiring energy efficient practices of our employees.

Carbon Footprint Reporting

As part of our commitment to taking action on climate change, Corporate Couriers also offers our clients monthly or annual reporting on their deliveries and associated greenhouse gas emissions.

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